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Welcome to Kenny Cox Music!

Artist selected remastered High Definition Sound recordings available from: iTunes, iHeartRadio, Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer, with new releases to be added often.

2018 marks 56 years since I began my journey (more like a marriage) with the guitar. This website is a few of the highlights (and low lights) of about 38 years of playing professionally, which simply means for money. It's kind of like playing baseball. If you play in the minor leagues, they still call you a professional, and if you get real lucky sometimes you might get to go to "The Show" and play a few innings in the Majors. It also parallels trying to make it into movies because most of the time you need a "day job" to supplement your career paycheck. I've been pretty lucky though (I guess), because I got to do a lot of really cool gigs and managed to make a large part (if not most) of my living in the business. I'm trying to include as much recorded music that I've been involved in as possible, along with a bunch of pictures, the oldest of which goes back to one of me playing a gig in a bar in Winter Park (the name escapes me, but then a bunch of things fall under that category these days). Thanks to everyone who had a part in these bands and recordings. Enjoy!

Additional downloads are now available. Watch here for further updates.